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Cruel Riches
(Cruel Kingdom #1)
by Stella Hart


Play to Kiss
(The Twisted Trilogy #1)
by Arizona Tape


The Bodyguard
(The Gafanelli Mob 1)
von Natalie Wrye 

DarkRomance, Abuse


DarkRomance, FF


DarkRomance, Crime

I’ve watched her from the shadows for long enough, and now I’m here to claim her—Alexis Livingston, my darkest obsession and soon-to-be captive.

Everyone else might be fooled by her innocent act, but I know the truth. I know every single wicked secret she hides behind that beautiful mask… including her real identity.

I’m going to make her pay her debt to me and this town, and I won’t be gentle. I’ll bring her to her knees. Bend her body to my will. Make her surrender.

She can try to resist, but deep down, she knows she deserves to be caged, punished, and broken.

She knows she must submit…

Welcome to my kingdom, Alexis. You’re my property now.
Princess Zafira always wanted what she couldn't have and the throne is no different. She'll stop at nothing to get her hands on the crown, even if that means killing her brother. But when Princess Jade appears in court, everything changes. Now there's someone else standing in her way, and this someone comes with killer green eyes.

Both want the same thing, only one can win. To get what their twisted hearts desire, they'll stop at nothing. But what if amidst the chaos and destruction, they find a spark of something else, something more? Will they give up the crown or each other?
I’m not the good guy in this story.

Technically, I’m the bad one.

Because men who kidnap their wives aren’t exactly ushered to the front gates of Heaven.

And the fact that she doesn’t even remember me? Well, that just ensures my one-way ticket to Hell.

My one saving grace: I’ll do anything to make sure my wife Dani is safe after the attack that left her without a memory.

I’ll lie. I'll steal. I’ll kill.

In fact, I’ll have to.

Because bad guys aren’t supposed to get happy endings.

And if I don’t save my precious Dani from this next attack, neither will she…
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