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Pages: 243
Price: 2.99
Year: 2017
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First off: I bought this believing it was a standalone, but it became quite obvious that this book was also Setting up a series. I already know which character gets his own troy from this one.

That being said Beast left me quite disappointed. It was obvious to me that this was a Beauty and the Beast themed book - another reason why I bought it, but I would have loved the title to be picked up in the book so that it's not only a teaser for people to purchase it.

I expected this book to be dark, gritty, and twisted, but apart from one blood/torture play, everything else happens off-book. Reading this felt more like a recapitulation of a novel, rather than reading a novel. Everything was quite predictable, and the only thing that took my slightly by surprise was the set up for the second book - I guess I was already too bored with it.

Sadly, the entire book seemed rushed, scenes and plot twists weren't really explored, as if it was a draft rather than a fully written book. There was a lot of potential wasted.

Three stars, because it was still somewhat entertaining.

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