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Year: 2017
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Here is the thing:
if you expect a book written as a diary to give you full information: don't read this book.
if you expect a book written as a diary to not be repetive or slow at some point: don't read this book.
if you expect a lonely young adult to not feel an instinctive connection to a feral, yet tormented beast: don't read this book.

This book is not for everyone. This is obvious. If you've read the many DNF one star reviews, and other critial reviews stating that it is dragging or the heroine is tstl, you can be asured that they should have read the disclaimer first.
And then there is the fact that someone critizied for this book to be inspired by a TV Show and claimed the style of the book expected or needed the reader to know said TV Show, which is absolute bullsh*t. The basic idea was inspired by the show, but this book takes place in an alternate universe.

That being said: you don't get all Information, you might not even understand anything what is happening, but that's what this book is about. This is not a novel, this is a diary. Try to keep that in mind, try to imagine that you found this diary, and you will realize that the idea is genius, because that is D.S. Wrights true talent: she turns you into the main character.

Meg is being kidnapped, and she doesn't know why, because she feels like she is unimportant, until she is confronted head on with her new job and that she in fact is suddenly needed, suddenly important, and she klings to that importance, that connection, even though she doesn't udnerstand it, even through she is wounded terribly.
As part of a gruesome Experiment, Meg tries to fit in this new life and tries to regain some sort of control over her situation, because - although she doesn't know it - she is a survivor.
This book will turn you through a ringer, but only if you allow yourself to connect and become part of the story instead of a neutral watcher.

it is up to you: you either love it or hate it.

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