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Pages: 327
Price: 0.99
Year: 2014
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The "Lux" Series meets "The Boss" - literally, since it's the same writer! I really, REALLY enjoyed this spin-off into the dark side of the series. As I heard that there was a story about Hunter and his Serena, I was hooked. Jennifer Armentrout manages to take the good from both series and put it into this burning hot novel. Since only 249 pages it develops pretty fast - but admit it - sometimes it happens just like that.

I think it's a must read for Lux lovers, who wished that the series around Deamon and Katy wouldn't have been that vanilla. That being said, if you aren't familiar with the Lux Series you might miss something. So, you can't really read this one as a standalone.


Cover from the time of the review.

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