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Year: 2015
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Reviewed as "Boned on Bluecreek".

First, to all the readers who have read Moxie Darling's firstling Penetrated on Ponetown this book is different.
If you thought it was missing something, Boned on Bluecreek has all of it.

I never expected that a book with so few pages could hold the whole package. Oh how wrong I was. Do you want to be proven the same? Read it! It's absolutely worth the 99ct!

That said, Boned On Bluecreek isn't pure erotica. Believe me it HAS all the good stuff, but it has drama and romance as well. I feel like the title doesn't do it justice. Although it has the typical story line of a free-minded young woman meeting a brute from the backroads there, is also hurt, mourning, loss, frustration and pent-up sexual energy.
Like I said, it has it all. *sigh*

f you want a quick read about loss, mending hearts and hot sex: here you go. You can read it in half a day and you'll be SAD not mad, that it's over.
A fair TW warning though [there is a sort of rape scene included! (hide spoiler)]

Ms. Darling, please write a full-on novel someday! You have a faithful follower. I'll be reading whatever you publish, just maybe let it be longer. please!

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