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I've read this book some time ago, so forgive me for not being very specific. I came to read this book, which re-ignited my searing interest for all books including realism and erotica. Yes, I dislike stories that are far-fetched and have characters TSTL (to stupid to live). I stumbled upon a tweet that praised this book to be a thousand times better than Fifty Shades of Grey. And I thought... why not?

Yes, we have a Dom here that actually behaves like one, respects his Sub's body and soul, cares for her and makes ensures her emotional balance. There's no psychological abuse.
There is a huge age difference between the main characters, and the problems that come along with that fact aren't ignored.

For me it was a hot and sometimes amusing read that ended on a sour note and that wasn't just the cliffhanger.

If you don't want to end up there, avoid the last chapter.

That's why Abigail Barnette's The Boss doesn't get 5 stars for me, like all books that have unnecessary drama in them.

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