Editor: EroticaAfterDark
Pages: 230
Price: 4.99
Year: 2015
Link: Link


This book has all the premises to get five epic stars for me:
☑ an insecure narrator, whose character develops, finds herself and becomes a self-conscious, badass woman
☑ a mislead, vicious, erratic, sensual, strong, possessive opponent
☑ a captivating, intriguing, intelligent narrative
☑ incredibly hot and diverse sex scenes
☑ mind-games
☑ suspense

I'm still not able to give it 5 stars, and I can't round up my 4.5 stars to a full five either. The biggest reason of all of this is the ending. I won't write spoilers here, because I don't want you to read them and then regret reading them. And I'm sure that other readers might love it, but I can't. 
For me the ending ruined the vast development Angie has made throughout the whole book. It breaks with the majority of her thoughts and therefore is - in my eyes - inconsequent. 

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