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Pages: 211
Price: 2.99
Year: 2015
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As I am writing this review I am still trying to figure out which rating to give this book. All I know is that I am definitely NOT reading the sequel an that should have some impact on my rating, shouldn't it?

God, I'd love to give this 5 stars, I really do, because from 30-80% it was absolutely perfect, raw, brutal, torturous, and friggin' hot.

Yet, Ms. James wanted to much, too much DRAMA, yet again. Why did two obvious occurances have to happen? Why was Ms James so insecure about her story that she needed such a f***ed up cliffy? None of this was necessary.

The naughty scenes were awesome, and that's why this book gets four stars despite me not caring about how the story of Alex and Rafe will continue. I really couldn't care less, BECAUSE of the final chapters. *eyeroll* so unnecessary.

Ms. James you are a good writer, you would be AMAZING if you'd believe more in the gravity of your main characters.

Okay, this story is a deliciously dark one, especially if we leave the unnecessary drama out of sight. It about guilt, revenge, despised love, abuse, broken characters. it's the perfect formula for an awesome dark erotica novel. And through most parts it was. If you love too much drama, this is the perfect choice for you. It just wasn't for me.


The cover displayed was the cover at the time of the review, which we prefer over the new one.

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