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Price: 2.99
Year: 2015
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I am being honest about this book actually being a 3 star for me, the only reason why I feel obliged to round it up to 4 stars is the unique, wonderful and eloquent narrative of the author. I can't help but bow my head to that.
But it's maybe exactly this out-of-the-world style that made it hard for me to connect to the characters, to feel for and with them. Emmanuelle de Maupassant skillfully puts the reader into the role of a voyeur, not being part of the story at all, but still bound to watch with intrigued interest.
The narrative is perfectly fitted to match the area of the story, which rather feels like a play than a story. And that, to be honest, is one of the downsides for me.
It seems as if the author couldn't decide whether it should be a recount of sorts, displayed as a theatre play, or closer to a diary, because as the story continues, it approaches the main characters, but fails to make a connection between me as a reader and both characters.
The descriptions were too clinical for me to find an emotional connection, and therefore it's not 'steamy' in my eyes.
Most of the scenes in this rather short story were sexual and expertly described, though some words made me cringe, but that's my personal perspective.
For me, I would have loved for the story to be written more smoothly, to explore more of the characters and their surroundings. Without this, it is not more than expertly and eloquently written porn.

Despite the few pages, it's worth the price, something I rarely admit, but this story is a rare gem among erotica books. I only miss the emotion a bit, sadly.

Cover as at the time of review. Important: The author has published many different editions with revised and extended content.

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