Editor: EroticaAfterDark
Pages: 393
Price: 4.99
Year: 2014
Link: Link
Note: Tigger Warning: cancer


After enjoying the Boss by Abigail Barnette so much, this book fell dramatically flat for me.
I already suspected a drama-rama when I read the end of the Boss. What I didn't expect was having to go through chemo-therapy for most part of the story. This was nowhere an enjoyable read. Don't get me wrong, I lost all my grandparents to cancer, this is a absolutely serious topic, and that's why it doesn't belong in a book that is supposed to be a joy ride. Screw reality.

The fun parts were interesting, but nothing could fight the mountain in my stomach that created this big ass drama bitch slap. I felt like tasting chemicals on my tongue during the whole book.

It's not a one star read, but does it deserve two stars? I don't know... especially when you think of the price of that book. Rather wait or hope you'll get it for free, or just skip it all together

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