Editor: EroticaAfterDark
Pages: 2142
Price: 9.99
Year: 2016
Link: Link
Note: trigger warning: rape


Link and price are referring to the book 1-4 bundle, as it is the only one available.

It's really hard to find the right rating for this book, it wasn't really what I had expected only then to deliver what I regard as dark erotica. As much as I want to applaud the author for her story, some things were too much, others too few. There were some factors that just didn't work out for me. 3.25 stars.

We follow Anna through her torment and state of slavery. We get to know just as few as she does, which makes her stay naïve of some sorts without emotional development. Still, everyone knows: if someone once treated you cruelly, they will do it again. Understandably Anna claws herself to false hope, believing that if she behaved accordingly, she will be loved again. This stays believable until she experiences the opposite. There's an entire family that behaves and treats her differently. If she were as smart as is pointed out during the book, she would know that staying with them - especially when having some sort of supernatural connection with on of them - would change her life positively.
And then she never gets suspicious until it's too late. After four years of 'training' she should know better.

There's a lot of sex in the book and it's described well, better than many books I've read, still it didn't have any real effect on me. Some of the scenes were hot, others rather disgusting, but that was well done.

We get a lot of information about the hierarchy, and markings for this hierarchy, which I found very interesting, because I really like to see behind the curtain and get a glimpse of the world.

BUT! In the beginning we get almost no information about Anna's past, her family and friends, only later on as the story progressed.
The beginning left me confused, not only because I was thrown into the story, but also because it moved along far too quickly. For me it would have been better if Anna just came to the manor and briefly explained where she came from just as later on concerning her family.

If you don't need much information and don't care about understanding the setting of a story, then you might give this one easily 5 stars, and you should check it out.

What totally costs this story a star was the hinted magic/paranormal setting. It wasn't explained whatsoever, just put out there for me to gnaw on it and try to find an explanation.
So, Anna dreams of her guy, the one who is her savior in her most gritty moments. And then she meets him. But she doesn't trust him despite his family's different and more gentle behavior.

And then the magic. They just happen to be able to silence her with magic, the whole ceremony is magic.

Bonus Points for the right usage of German, even though, brothers don't call themselves "Brüderlein" anymore (if so, it's "Brüderchen"), grown men don't call their Dad's "Vati" (Daddy) in public, and "Schatzi" isn't a pet name you use for tender exchanged, but hey, I'm complaining on a high level here.
This woman perfectly explained how Germans pronounce the "W" (as a V).

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