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Pages: 287
Price: 2.99
Year: 2015
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This book makes it pretty clear that it's all about the sexual tension - excuse me - frustration and sexy scenes, and I wouldn't have mind at all. Problem is, the supporting DEA story is incredibly weak and for my taste too unrealistic. It could have been brilliant.

Starting into this book I was initially confused about the prologue - since the man introduced as utter threat never makes a direct appearance again. It probably would have been better to leave out the prologue at all and leave the imagination of the Vetrov's vicious executioner a mystery.

However, I loved the writing stile, the usage of metaphors, the poetic phrasing... beautiful. If it wasn't for the fact that eventually I never got the chance to conclude the feelings of the characters for myself, in the end it was but into cold words how the characters felt. The problem is, all that I could fathom about Lilian and Tristan was the absolute invincible physical attraction they had for another. But ... I didn't care for them. I still don't. Our lead characters are emotionally childish. Sure, they are both tormented souls and have their cruel cross to bear but when it came to how they saw each other, it was more than frustrating, because they never gave themselves the benefit of a doubt. And the world they both live in - the harsh, disciplined world of ballet and the cruel world of drugs - are absolutely no excuse because naturally the would have grown up faster into harder, more rational persons, which both aren't. They have characters of teenagers, which is absolutely unrealistic and oh, so frustrating.

But, oh, the sex scenes. Everything leading up to the eventual sex was so worth reading, but the sex itself was leaving me rather hanging dry in comparison. Plus, the term "lapping" was used far too much for me. it's not sensual for me at all.
Again, the interaction between the characters when their attraction ignites to wildfire was a feast for my eyes and mind and that's the only reason this book gets three stars.

As to the supporting story: I already said it's weak and unrealistic, plus it's going in circles, the whole time. The apparent threat doesn't feel real which makes the worry and fear of the characters somewhat incredible. Plus, in a scene Lilian is obviously absolutely scared of a person, but then not only offers but almost demands to walk u to the same person, in order to help. Really?

I think the problem of this book is, that the storyline is dragged out. There were so many chances in the last quarter to just stop the story. I would have been interested into how things continue much more than I am now. It's all about the stupidity of our lovebirds as in: not trusting each other, doubting the feelings of the other person, doubting themselves, fighting their feelings, being surprised/terrified of their feelings for each other, telling themselves that it's only attraction, and so on. *sigh*
At least the book stayed true to it's title.

Although I am interested in how the story continues, it would have landed at the bottom of my to-read-list. However, I was generously offered the sequel as an ARC, too. So I will read the sequel soon. Hopefully it's less frustrating.

P.S. If it wasn't for the last quarter of this story, that was terribly dragging, I probably would have given it 3.5 stars rounded up. But I wanted to throw my kindle through the window. So, there's that.

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