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Year: 2015
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I truly believe it wouldn't have annoyed me that much if I had read the three first parts. I asked if I could read this story without knowing anything about the series and I got 'yes' as an answer, but this is not a  truly standalone!

I was looking forward to my first MC book, but I was disappointed, or rather f***ing annoyed. TIMEJUMPS. I have never read a story that had that many time jumps that literally tear the story apart. I'm certain if I had read the other books I wouldn't have cared that much, probably even grateful to not chew through everything again. However, I know that it still would have annoyed me terribly.
There's no smooth story telling there's scenes packed after another like different colored Legos and that's why I barely did get any emotional connection to all of them.

And then our MC's who are both too stupid to live, no matter their background stories or where thy came from. [Spoiler ahead: Dani literally tells Crush that she's married to what's his name again and he just can't put one and to together? really?]

And then..."Because your lips might be saying no, but your body is saying something completely different".

That's the moment i know I didn't like Chrush and everything he did after that pretty much put additional nails onto the box I put him in. He's stupid, his brains literally are down under, he LIES to Dani repeatedly... did I say he's f***ing stupid?

I can't really blame for Dani's stupidity at the beginning, but after the time jump when she declares that she's better now, there's still no change. And that's the worst part: there is no character development whatsoever.

I really enjoyed the first third of the book - even the far too graphic start. But it pretty much went downhill from there.

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