Editor: DarkEroticBooks
Pages: 346
Price: 3.99
Year: 2018
Link: Link
Note: trigger warning: mentioning of rape and murder


The setting and storyline of Twenty One are promising to be different than the usual ones. What could have the chance to differentiate this book from others of this sub-genre unfortunately falls flat.

Clarissa Wild’s repetitive wiring is owed to the fact that the reader is listening to a lot of internal monologue, pulling the reader close to our main characters thoughts and feeling. However, despite this the reader doesn’t receive all information needed to understand why our female lead has been taken, despite her being a narrator.

As the story moves along the explanation to her kidnapping and torture is revealed and unfortunately exactly what was expected.

The weakness of Twenty One is: there are no surprises. Our two main characters are checking all the boxes for the tropes of a captive/ dark romance story. Angel being the seductive yet tormented bad boy, and Sky is the innocent, abused, yet resolved girl. Their entwined lives are meant to be an explanation to why they are drawn together, and yet them being this intimately close does not make her connect the dots.

There is nothing truly special about Twenty One, which makes it a safe bet if you are into the combination of captive, mafia, and second chance.

There is nothing bad about the book either. It is a solid read simply missing something like a soul. As if the author aimed to meet the expectations of a certain group of readers, true to the motto “better safe than sorry.”

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