Editor: DarkEroticBooks
Pages: 353
Price: 4.99
Year: 2017
Link: Link
Note: trigger warning


It was the cover what drew me in, but it was this line that turned me into a moth leaping into the flame.

WAKE is a dark tale of abuse, destroyed hope, obsession, mania, desilusion, and consuming love.
I don't know if I have ever read a book this intense, it sucked me in, and annihilated me. I became Anna and Samael, who are light and darkness, dooming each other in a mesmerizing dance until they both become a darker shade of grey.

This book is disturbing, at a few points disgusting, but also sweet, intense, and arousing. It is, shortly put, a rollercoaser ride at its finest. I don't know what else to say without giving too much away.

Our hero is a brainwashed, abused, obsessed, and self-harming villain, a victim drawing power from his abuse. Our heroine is first a girl consumed by her own illusions and self-inflicted guilt, who is stripped down and destroyed to rise from her own ashes like a dark phoenix.

And there is an HEA, but perfectly twisted.

If I could, I'd give this one SIX stars. I'm going to read it again, right now, and so should you.

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