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A copy of FAITH was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.
I haven't read anything of Terry Towers before, but the idea of the story was intriguing and I was not disappointed!

This is one fucked-up story of Dark Erotica, and I truly enjoyed it. There is not much I can say about FAITH without spoiling too much. This story is dark, twisted, and disturbing but equally hot, sexy and had me squirming in the most positive way.
If you read this you have to get ready for a very dark ride, don't expect fluffy bunnies. This book takes you down the dark un-lit alleyway into a forest of darkness, nightmares and lust.

We get to experience FAITH through the view of both main characters, which is an interesting twist, because we get to see them both evolve and grow until they meet up as equal partners. While Emily is a beacon of light, empathy and full of emotions, Tanner is a black hole, sucking everything good in his wake, being cold as fuck. Yet, things to change, twist and twirl until the black and white becomes an exciting pool of grey.

It's actually 4,5 5 stars
There were some things bothering me, and I don't talk about the few typos and the jumbled format, rather than the story was evolving to fast and jumpy. Even though Emily's quick adjustment was explained later, which I was fine with, the development was too fast. Especially the story and the additional plots, which could have been used for at least another book, appeared somewhat hasted to me. I would have enjoyed a bit more darkness.

I changed my opinion about Faith a bit, because I came to realize that there are few books that really meet my taste, and this one definitely belongs to it. So that's why I had a change of star - so to speak - Terry deserves it.


The cover has changed since the review.

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