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Pages: 149
Year: 2016
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When I started this book the least I was expecting was me giving it five full stars, but here I am yelling HELL NO at this cliffhanger. And I am being very honest here, if it wasn't for the bumpy, slightly chaotic start you would have seen Hiddles saying "Epic" where the gif for the star rating is.

This book has it all: an intriguing paranormal world setting, a self-conscious, ever developing female lead, a gentle but fierce protector, a lot of hot sex - though I don't understand Sundry's Adam's apple fetish - a tragic history and a suspenseful future.

There isn't much else to say without spoiling the fun. Laila Raimes writing style is smart, fun and fierce, her characters diverse and likable. Sundy is a heroine that survived a gruesome fate and still stands strong and self-aware. Damn, I wouldn't want to be on her bad side even without her unique powers. That's a woman I'd like to have as a best friend.

So, with no further ado: well deserved five stars.
I want the sequel. NOW!

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