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Unknown Omega
(Alpha Elite #1)
by V.T. Bonds


(Temper #1)
by Lila Mina


Mastered By Her Mates
(Interstellar Brides Program #6)
by Grace Goodwin



#DarkRomance #EroticHorror


#DarkScifi #Menage #BDSM


I live in a world where resources are scarce. Where most of the land on the planet has morphed to desert, with towering sand dunes and few workable lands.This is what we've been told is true. We fight for what little resources remain within our crumbling city walls, accepting whatever treatment our officials give us.
I've known nothing else. Since before my memories began, I've lived with the Chieftain. I was orphaned at his doorstep as a child. I've cooked and cleaned for him. I've also been corrected and punished by him almost every day since I arrived.
I should have broken already. My willful spirit should have fallen in line, accepting the fact that this is my life. But no amount of lashings, sore muscles, or mistreatment has caused me to lose myself.
But one look into this stranger's eyes, and I begin to crumble, just like the walls surrounding my city.


We have never failed a mission. There is no task beyond us. Wherever Command sends us, we go. As Alpha Elites, our unit is the most secretive and capable on the planet.
We have a new mission; retrieving information and collecting samples from the most derelict city on the planet.
Finding my Omega soulmate is not a part of the mission.
Will this be our first failure?

This story is not for the faint of heart. It is a dark action-packed Omegaverse story set in a world where violence and sexual situations occur. Scenes are not glossed over. Sensitive readers please abstain.


Ben was a loving husband until his life and death operation brought sadistic psychological scars.
Ben is facing two tragedies. First, he's going to die soon. Next, he's just learned his wife has been lonely in their marriage he thought was perfect.

Ben is told about a dangerous surgery that could save his life but it would mean getting an entire head transplant. Wanting to live and make things right with his wife, he undergoes the historic procedure and survives. But shortly after the extreme operation, disturbing behaviors accompany his recovery. And the tender intimacy Ben was hoping to share with his wife morphs into dark and diabolical desires.


Amanda Bryant has been a spy for five long years, but when aliens suddenly appear claiming a deadly enemy threatens Earth's very survival, Amanda is asked by her superiors to accept the most dangerous mission of her life...volunteer to be an alien's bride, to share the strange warrior's bed and then betray him. 
Accepting the assignment, Amanda is processed as the first Interstellar Bride and transported halfway across the galaxy to her new mate's battleship where she awakens to discover she has been matched to not just one huge Prillon warrior, but two.

Shocked by her craving for the touch of two dominant alpha males, Amanda attempts to hide her body's immediate reaction to Commander Grigg and his second, Rav. Resistance is futile as her new mates expect to control every aspect of her life, and her pleasure, and neither will hesitate to deliver a thorough and embarrassing spanking should she disobey their sensual commands, or resist a complex and deeply arousing series of medical exams designed to ensure her sexual readiness for their claiming. 
Seduced and cherished by two alpha alien warriors who hide nothing from her, Amanda quickly comes to realize that the threat to Earth is very real. When she witnesses a battle with the enemy and the resulting death of a highly respected warrior, she knows she must tell her mates the truth and hope they can forgive her for her duplicity before it's too late. 
Loyalties will be tested as Amanda fights the most important battle of her life. How can she protect the warriors she has grown to love and save the people of Earth from making a terrible mistake? Will her human contacts believe her when, with every touch, every look, they will see just how thoroughly she has been mastered by her mates?

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