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New Release

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Alpha's Kitty
by Aria Adams

#Abuse #BDSM #Dark #SciFi

Obey and submit. That seemed to be all he wanted from me. He expected so little, and yet, so much. 

Hervé: I rule this planet. I will settle for nothing less than absolute control. And my tastes are dark. She is my pet. My plaything. I will train her for my use. I want her to desire the pain I will inflict. She only exists for my pleasure. Until she gets taken from me. Without her, my world is shattered. But make no mistake. I'm coming for her. 

Kitty: I am a pet kitten. I have no name. From birth we are kept in captivity and prepared to be sold. My owner does whatever he wants with me. His rules? Obey and submit. When we are forced apart, I realize I need him. I crave his complete mastery. His pain. His pleasure. No one else can take the place of my owner. 

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99ct Bargain

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Guard Me
(The Rossi Crime Family #4)
by Cassandra Hallman and J.L. Beck

#DarkRomance #EroticThrillers

She was a tiny little lamb that claimed my heart with one fearful look. 
I was her captor, the man responsible for breaking her, for preparing her for auction. 
She was taken, plucked right off the street and brought to me to be sold at the next auction. 
Rescuing her from my men was never part of the deal, and neither was bringing her up to my room. 
Yet, night after night I did this, refusing to give up the way she made me feel. When I’m with her I feel less like a monster. I can remember the man I used to be before the mob got to me, before all the bad tainted my soul. 
But wanting her is forbidden, and keeping her unthinkable. If they find out what I’m doing they’ll kill both of us. 
And still… 
I want to save her. 
I want to love her. 
I want to cherish her. 
When the time comes will I be able to let her go? Or will I risk both our lives for a love that I may not deserve? 

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regular price: $2.99



Torn: A Dark Captive Romance
(Original Sin 0.5)
by Stella Hart

#Abuse #Dark 

When I first met Jolie Chastain, we were just kids. Our paths crossed for one short day before diverging, and now we’re worlds apart. 
I’m richer than sin, and I always get what I want. Always. 
Jolie is a member of the country’s most enigmatic cult, and almost everything about her is a mystery. There’s no mystery about how I feel once I catch a glimpse of her, though. 
She’s all grown up now, and she has no idea she’s caught my attention. She has no idea I want her. She has no idea I’m searching for her. 
When I find her, I’m going to conquer her. Own her. Maybe I’ll even decide to keep her. 

Watch out, Jolie… I’m coming for you. 

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