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New Release

regular price: $3.99



Coaching Rayna #2
(Bound Hearts)
by Pebbles Lacasse

#DarkRomance #BDSM

Amazon Reviews
"Emotional! Thrilling Read!!!"
"To love or be afraid of Ethan? That is the question to find out.


She should have run while she had the chance...

Lily Simpson escapes, leaving her brooding captor to rot, but she's still not free. Unable to resist the forbidden temptation Ethan Reilly offers, Lily is once again drawn back into his dangerous web of power and submission.

When they travel north, their desire blooms into something even darker--something Lily both detests and adores in equal measure. But when she learns of the fate of her best friend, everything changes. The question is, will there be a second opportunity to escape Ethan's clutches?

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99ct Bargain

regular price: $2.99


Cut So Deep
(Break So Soft Duet #1)
by Stasia Black

#Dark #DarkRomance #Abuse

Amazon Reviews
"Brilliant work from an author that seems to have no peak!"
"These villains reeeeaaallly have you angry!"


He commands my body, my mind, and my pleasure but now I might be forced to betray him… 

All my life, I knew I was only good for one thing—from being ogled by beauty pageant judges as a preteen to being hit on by my college philosophy professor—I was just an object for men to desire. 

It’s all anyone’s ever seen me as, including my current boss, Bryce Gentry. 

But Jackson? Jackson’s different. 

He looks me in the eye when I talk, not at my chest. And our chemistry? I’ve never known a want so raw. 

Jackson demands ALL of me—including the broken bits that come along with the beautiful exterior. 

I have a feeling he could heal me and for the first time in my life, I could be whole. 

But my boss is about to ruin everything. He wants revenge on Jackson and he’s using me to get it. I can’t say no because he has leverage over me that could cost me custody of my son. 

But keeping my son could mean losing the first man I’ve ever imagined a forever with. 

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regular price: $2.99



(Northbridge Nights #3)
by Jackie Y. Wang

#DarkRomance #EroticSuspense

Amazon Reviews

"Dark And Intense Romantic Suspense"


I go by many names: Playboy, Hustler, Villain. 
They call me a sadistic a**hole because I rob from the poor and cheat on the weak. 
Do I ever regret the choices I’ve made? All the damn time. 
But it’s too late to turn back, and too late to start over… 
I’ve never even considered giving it all up for anyone or anything before. 
Never had a reason or motivation to change. 
Until I met her. 
Callista Rayner. Heiress. Goddess. Need-her-ass-up-on-my-mattress. 
My last chance at redemption. 
Problem was, I couldn’t afford to fall for her, because I didn’t want to ruin her. 
I didn’t want to destroy her, like the others that came before. 
Too bad I had no choice. 
Too bad she was my pawn and I had to use her. 
Too bad, too bad, too bad. 

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