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    by Natalie Bennet

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    Flight: A Dark Mafia Romance
    (Gilded Cage #2)
    by Fawn Bailey


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    by Emery LeeAnn


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    The Box
    by Marisa Oldham


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    Capture Me
    (Capture Me #1)
    by Anna Zaires

    #Dark #BDSM

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    by Kilina Diana


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    Edge (Guarding Her Book 3) by Anna Brooks
    Edge (Guarding Her #3) by Anna Brooks
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    Body Parts by Darcy Abriel
    Body Parts by Darcy Abriel
    #DarkRomance #Erotica #Horror
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    Taken (Voyeur, #1) by N. Isabelle Blanco Taken (Voyeur #1) by N. Isabelle Blanco
    #Dark #Erotica
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    Cutting Edge (The Edge, #0.5) by C.D. Reiss Cutting Edge (The Edge 0.5) by C.D. Reiss
    #BDSM #DarkRomance
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    regular price: $3.99


    Secret Vow
    (Mafia Marriages Book 1)
    by Willow Fox 


    Revealing the Monster
    Playing with Monsters
    by Amelia Hutchins 


    Peyton (Castle Sin Book 10)
    by Linzi Basset

    Dark, DarkRomance, Mafia


    DarkFantasy, Horror


    DarkRomance, BDSM

    She wants her freedom and all I want is her…

    Nicole DeLuca, she’s the daughter of the biggest crime boss on the west coast. Did I mention that her father, Gino DeLuca, is my enemy?

    I slept with Nikki and I can’t for the life of me forget about her. I’ve been keeping tabs on her, making sure no other men come anywhere near her.

    I’ll chase them away like the beast that I am to protect her.

    Like a caged bird, she’s desperate for freedom. Nikki sneaks out only to get snatched and sold as a bride.

    Even in the darkest room, the dirtiest corner of the world, I recognize her. She’s my little kitten.

    I buy her. Own her. Save her.

    Except she doesn’t see it that way…

    She wants her freedom and all I want is her and that baby.


    I ended my life to protect Lucian from his enemies. It should have been the hardest decision to make, but it wasn’t. Now I find that Lucian kept even more secrets, deadly ones that threaten to destroy me. I thought I won the game that he and Katarina played, but he’s never stopped shuffling the pieces on the board. Even so, I’ve found peace in his violence and learned to accept my fate within his embrace.
    As our enemies are revealed, and worlds crashed down into ours, everything is on the line again. Could we survive his latest betrayal, or would it destroy us all?
    Lena wasn’t supposed to pay for my sins, but she did. I hadn’t intended for her to suffer the consequences of my actions. I’d put pieces into motion to give her back the things that mattered most to her. She may never forgive me when she learns the cost I paid or the decisions I made.
    The thing is, there’s no world where Magdalena isn’t mine. I’d do whatever it took to keep her, and I’d destroy worlds to ensure she stays with me.


    Peyton got herself in trouble that placed her life in danger.

    But she got a second chance at the mercy of her capturer. One she had no intention of wasting, since it offered her one final opportunity to fix the mistake she'd made with Stone, the one man who still held her heart.

    Stone was devastated to learn that Peyton had disappeared. Guilt rode him hollow since he was the one who pushed her into accepting the assignment. There was no two ways about it. He had to find her and bring her home.

    But where was home? Back to the U.S. or to Castle Sin and into his heart?

    Only time would tell.

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    An Imposter In Warriors Clothing
    by Elle Mae


    Mafia Bride
    (The DiLustro Arrangement #1)
    by C.D. Reiss 


    The Complete Series
    by Ella Miles 

    DarkFantasy, Abuse


    Mafia, DarkRomance


    DarkRomance, Mafia, Bundle

    Vien’s life was a wreck before she fell —literally— into a world of magic and kingdoms. Not only had her long-time girlfriend died but she was ninety-nine percent sure whatever mysterious powers that hid within her were the cause.
    Now with her abrupt arrival to this new world, she is taken into the Kingdom of Light but it seems that trouble was not far behind.
    This beautifully fascinating world filled with magic is slowly dying and through all the chaos Vien doesn’t know whom to believe.
    The beautiful fire demon that begged her not to trust the Light King?
    The Light King’s right-hand man who seems to know more than he lets on?
    Or the Light King himself who is just a bit too enthusiastic for her to join him in his kingdom?

    In between the twisted truths, there is one thing they agree on: Vien, a reincarnated magical warrior, is the only one that can open a door to another world and demand that the gods return their magic.


    Some girls dream of marrying a prince, but I never imagined I’d be sold to a king.

    Santino DiLustro.

    The king.
    The monster.
    The keeper of secrets.

    When he forced me to marry him, I cried for love I’d never know.
    When he locked me away, I cried for the freedom I lost forever.
    Every other tear I’ve shed is for my soul, because I’m falling for the devil himself.


    Arlo Carini saved my life, only to destroy it.

    When I first met him, he was the wealthy, powerful, sexy stranger giving me and a dozen other art history students a tour of his mansion. But he soon became my everything.

    My savior.
    My lover.
    My obsession.

    He tried to warn me. Every chance he could, he tried to get me to run far, far away. But it only made my obsession grow stronger. Until I made the worst mistake I could. And ended up trapped forever.

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    regular price: $4.99


    Tempted: The Dark Necessities—Dalton's Tale #1
    by Felicity Brandon


    (Dangerous Doms #2)
    by Jane Henry

    DarkRomance, BDSM


    DarkRomance, BDSM, Mafia

    She's feisty and tempting.
    And she doesn't let anything come in the way of her mission.
    I've dealt with my fair share of rule-breakers.
    So, Delilah isn't what I need.
    But I can't stop dreaming about holding her in my arms.
    She might be hiding a secret.
    A secret that could destroy me and burn the city to the ground.

    There's only one question that remains.
    Is she worth the destruction that she's about to cause?


    They promised me as tribute.
    Youngest of six, I'm untouched.
    And in the world of the Irish mafia...

    I'm given to a man I've never met.
    Forced into a union I didn't condone.
    Owned by a dangerous rival.

    He may take what's his, but he won't steal my heart.

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