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Morally Decadent
(Morally Questionable #3)
by Veronica Lancet


by D.S. Wrights


(The Dark Necessities Prequels #1)
by Felicity Brandon 

Abuse, Crime, Enemies2Lovers


Abuse, Dark, Taboo, NewCover


Abuse, DarkFantasy, Taboo

A Resolute Playboy

Groomed from a young age to become the leader of a mafia empire, Enzo Agosti's life has been nothing but a series of luxurious one-stops around the globe in search of hedonistic gratification. Cold and domineering, his dazzling looks are his secret weapon—women fall at his feet; and men want to be him.

But behind the mask of opulence lay the ruins of a cynic, a man used to the dark solitude of the flashy public life, and a misanthrope weaned on bloody, depraved lullabies.

A Caged Tiger

Timid and meek, Allegra Marchesi has always played the dutiful daughter. Though locked in a cage designed to stifle her knowledge and keep her in ignorant bliss, Allegra is every jailor's nightmare—she can think and act for herself. And like every prisoner, she has one goal—freedom.

Yet she is but a woman in a man's world, and she is quick to find out that far from absolute, there are degrees to freedom. And love might not be part of the equation.

Is she willing to trade one cage for another?

Intrigue. Obsession. Decadence.

A hate that bubbles just beneath the surface, it takes one woman to bring Enzo to his boiling point. Yet the intensity of his explosive emotions might very well prove to be the end of them both.


Only a broken thing can be reshaped.

Six years ago Sam helped Anna escape from the clutches of his father's enslaving cult, since he couldn't bear the thought of his younger stepsister being wed to the abusive man. However, he was left behind in the process. Now, after being brainwashed into being his fathers and cult leader's enforcer, he is hell-bent on redemption. This means returning Anna and breaking her into submission.

The memory of Sam - her guardian angel, her savior, and the only one she will ever love - is all that had kept Anna together over the past few years. Believing him to be dead and having lost her grand-parents shortly after her escape, she is ready to start a new life after turning twenty-one. Little does she know that Sam has been lurking in the shadows, waiting for her to fall into his trap.


One powerful serial killer. One visceral connection.
One deadly secret that should have stayed buried.

Men like Ethan Reilly should never fall in love. Dark, enigmatic and dangerous, Ethan is the perfect predator until he meets Lily Simpson, a woman passionate enough to placate him and strong enough to surrender to him.

For a while Lily's love is enough.

But the darkness inside Ethan is too powerful to contain, and soon it spills into their burgeoning love affair. As he wrestles with his demons, Ethan must come to terms with who he really is, but if he does, what happens to Lily? Can any love be strong enough to survive a past as terrible as Ethan's? And what kind of future can they forge from the ashes of his awful admission?

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