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Bells of Demonio
(Kings of Terror Book 1)
by Natalie Bennett 


Hate You
by Logan Fox


The Centaur in My Forest
(Coveted Prey #8)
by L.V. Lane

EroticHorror, ReverseHarem


DarkRomance, NewAdult


DarkFantasy, Monsters, Short

Seven days of sin.

It was said to be a celebration you could experience only once in a lifetime.

For people like us, lovers of all things strange, twisted, and morally questionable, it was a claim that couldn’t be ignored.
My group of misfit friends and I hopped onto a plane to go and see for ourselves.

What we found was a beautiful village that seemed to exist in a world of its own.

After chilling haunts, creepypastas becoming vividly real, and the hottest one-night stand of my life, I was more than satisfied with our impromptu endeavor.

It should’ve ended there.

One folk tale was all it took to turn a celebration into a nightmare.

Eight of us went into the woods that story warned us never to enter.
Guess how many made it back out?


I hate him. He'll love me.

I knew Jude Dearth was dangerous the moment his intoxicating black eyes met mine.

Possessive, jealous, and brooding, he's one of the richest, most gorgeous, and influential guys in Cinderhart High... and he's locked his sights on me.

If I had a choice, I'd keep my distance from him.

But my new stepbrother can control me, punish me, and break me any way he sees fit. It's that, or go back to living in a trailer with my mom.

So I'll be his new toy. I'll obey his commands.

But if Jude thinks he's the one in control, he's got another thing coming.

The game is about to change.

My stepbrother might be calling the shots now, but when I'm done with him, he'll be begging for mercy.

And for me.


I am far from home.

I am injured.

And I will not reach safety unless I seek the regal centaur’s aid.

He is a monster in some ways. But he is also a man.

There are rumors about centaurs, though, rumors that they expect payment in kind in exchange for a debt…

The one moon month of my life he demands does not seem so high a price.

But then I ask him what he would expect of me during that time.

“Anything,” he says. “Anything I desire.”

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regular price: $3.99


Fragile Innocence
by Dani René


Beautifully Broken
by Michelle Heard

DarkRomance, Abuse, Menage, US/UK only



Innocence is fragile.
I learned from an early age that monsters are real.
They don’t lurk beneath the bed, instead, they hide in plain sight.
I spent two years in hell. Then I ran.
I escaped the monster to find two princes.
They eased my pain, healed my wounds, and stole my heart.
Although, monsters never die quite that easy. No.
Mine returned to haunt me the moment I felt safe.
And that’s when the fairytale ended.
Can I save what little of myself I have left?
Or will the monster take that too?


I've been on the run for the past seven years until there's no corner on this god-forsaken planet left for me to hide.
No one with Ellison blood in their veins is allowed to live, and I'm the last one left.

Captured, I'm kept in a container waiting for my death sentence to be carried out. I’m tortured and beaten within an inch of my life when he walks right into my hell.
No one knows who he works for, only that he leaves no one alive. But for some unknown reason, he doesn't end my miserable life.

Instead, he takes me, and I don't know which is worse… the death sentence hanging over my head or being at his mercy. 

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Forgivable Sins
(Bellandi Crime Syndicate #2)
by Adelaide Forrest

DarkRomance, Mafia


I burn for him, but Lino will never be mine. Faced with the reality that I could never have the man I loved, I made the wrong choice and settled for the worst kind of man. When his gambling problem puts me at risk, Lino steps in to protect me.

There’s just one problem.

Lino has a darkness inside him. One that could unravel everything he’s built and drag him down to the pits of Hell. I won’t risk him in that way, especially not when everything I thought I knew about us changes.

I’ve loved Samara since I was a boy, since the very moment when I first heard her sing. But my father’s cruelty knows no bounds, and I made the biggest sacrifice of my life to protect my Little Dove.

Everything changes when her ex-husband shatters the safety I worked so desperately to build for her. Suddenly the safest place for her is right in my arms where she always belonged.

And I won’t stop until she’s my wife.



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