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Take A Bullet For You
(MacKenzie Scottish Crime Family #2)
by Amarie Avant


When Art Falls
(Living in Cin #2)
by Lorrain Allen


Our Thing
The Ballerina & The Butcher Boy
by Nicci Harris

DarkRomance, Crime


Abuse, DarkRomance
US/UK only


DarkRomance, Mafia

I’ll die for me clan.
Though, I never met a woman worth a single bullet—until I set eyes on Justice Flowers.
Every delicious curve on her body should be mine to manipulate. She refuses to yield.
Justice’s in trouble, but won’t ask for clan protection.
I give it anyway.
She’ll soon realize, I’m collecting her as payment.
Until I’ve satisfied this addiction.

I’m living for me now.
After years of celibacy, I’ll take a chance on a man who penetrates my intellect—someone selfless, not ruthless.
Although Brody MacKenzie’s tropical blue eyes pierce through me, the rest of him is rugged, deadly.
Brody paid my debt without my consent.
I never intended to trade in a lunatic, to be chained to the devil.
He’ll realize that I won’t submit.
And I never will.


I gave her my heart, but she broke it, so now I’ll give her my rage.

I never considered the possibility of us crossing paths again.

When our gazes connect, an internal switch clicks on.

The last words she spoke to me whisper through my mind like a mantra, causing the sleeping beast to come roaring to life with a taste for her blood.

I need her to bend to my will, so I make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Once my desire has been fed, I’ll toss her away like a piece of garbage right after I destroy her, reducing her to nothingness.

She’ll regret the day she dared to betray me.

Her debt must be repaid in pain, and I will not rest until I have my pound of flesh.

Karma is a bitch that has finally come for her, and it’s hungry for retribution.


Cassidy Slater wants two things in life. 

The first is to be the youngest leading ballerina in her academy. She will need unwavering dedication. No time for men. Unfortunately, her heart didn't get the memo, because her second secret want. . . is Max Butcher. 

Max Butcher's scowl is notorious.
He has a dark intimidating presence, hinting at a life lived hard and fierce. He is a man of few words, but his actions cut straight to the point. 

To him, Cassidy is a silly little girl.
But one he can't keep his hands off.

His world is going to intoxicate her. The dangerous men that he calls family will want to use her, tutu and all. 
But she is his now.

It's an eye for an eye where he comes from, and he's willing to blind the whole damn lot of them. 
For her, he'll start a damn war.

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