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regular price: $3.99


regular price: $4.95


regular price: $3.99


Run & Hide
(Myths & Monsters #1)
by Beatrix Hollow


by Cari Silverwood 


Lords of Mercy
(The Royals of Forsyth University #3)
by Angel Lawson + Samantha Rue

ReverseHarem, DarkFantasy


DarkRomance, SciFi, BDSM


DarkRomance, ReverseHarem

Monsters--shadows, gills, wings, and more. The things I fear crave me… and they’ve been here the whole time. Hiding, waiting, and wanting. Lurking, sneaking, and watching.

Traveling the country camping was supposed to be an escape from the strange and unusual that clings to my family. My family’s calling to fame terrifies me. The ghosts, the hauntings, the supernatural--I want nothing to do with it.

Too bad it wants everything to do with me.

Where did the trip first go wrong? Maybe when an old friend with dark secrets insisted on coming--a rising rock star whose fame is now putting me in the limelight.

Then there is the West Virginia local legend. A monster myth of cryptid fame. A campfire story. But there are those that believe--that are willing to do whatever it takes to capture the monster in the mountains.

Maybe even use humans as bait.

Maybe even use me.


They took me. Now they’re going to make me theirs.

I left the safety of my city hoping to study the wreckage of a crashed satellite, but I ended up carried off by three Mauleon warriors instead, and these fearsome beasts aren’t interested in my knowledge of long lost technologies. They have far more primitive things in mind for me…

That’s why I’m naked, bound, and helplessly on display as they inspect my quivering body, enjoying every whimper and moan as they torment me in the most shameful ways imaginable. But these brutes plan to do much more than just tease and arouse me until I break down and beg.

They’re going to claim me so ruthlessly and savagely that I’m left in no doubt I belong to them.


I came back to Forsyth and agreed to be their Lady for two reasons: protection and revenge.

I put up with the abuse, the degradation, the humiliation, and bided my time. I wanted vengeance and I took it. The Lords give as good as they get and the consequences were fierce, but there’s one truth when it comes to Killian, Dimitri and Tristian.

They keep what’s theirs.

They wanted to break me, but instead, they molded me into their perfect weakness. They fought for me. Bled for me. Championed for me. I was put through the gauntlet and came out stronger. I earned the title of Lady.

Then they became my weakness.

I agreed to sleep under their roof, but on my terms. No more rules, no more punishments, no cameras or dress codes or sneaking into my bedroom. In return, I'll give them a chance to earn the title of Lord.

Building trust takes time, but with all the threats nipping at our heels, that’s a luxury we don't have. We have to rely on one another despite our complicated pasts—to find a murderer, a stalker, and a traitor.

This new life of pain, wrath, and mercy is a confusing maze of twists and turns. Fortunately for us, there will always be one fixed constant, guiding us home:

The Royal we.

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regular price: $4.99


regular price: $4.99


regular price: $9.99


 Perfectly Tragic
(The Jaded #4)
by Alex Grayson


(Ties That Bind #1)
by Natasha Knight + A. Zavarelli


Those Boys Are Trouble
by Willow Winters

Abuse, DarkRomance


DarkRomance, Crime, Abuse


DarkRomance, Crime, Bundle

Once upon a time, Nick was in love. It was a love so deep and abiding, he knew nothing, and no one, could tear them apart.
He was wrong.

Death happened, and it left Nick an empty shell of the man he used to be. Angry at the world and filled with unbearable pain, he lashes out at anyone who comes close.

Especially Chris.

Unable to admit it to himself, Chris is the only person who makes him feel alive after years of grief. Only she can make the dead organ in his chest beat again, and he hates her for it, letting her know at every opportunity.

Will Nick give into the incessant attraction he feels for Chris? Or will he go too far and lose her forever?


She was never supposed to walk into my club.  
But she did.  

I shouldn’t have looked twice at her.  
But I did.  

The criminal underworld is no place for a girl like her.  

One night with Katerina isn’t enough, but men like me can’t afford to be weak.  
So, I tell her to leave me behind.  

She does, but not before she sees something she shouldn’t.  

When she goes into hiding, it’s my duty to hunt her down.  
I have a job to do, and she needs to disappear for good.  

But four years later, Kat isn’t alone anymore.  
And the little boy right beside her looks just like me.   


Five sexy, contemporary romance books.
One binge worthy collection.

The best selling Valetti series is available all together in Those Boys Are Trouble for a LIMITED time!
All five of the full-length, stand-alone romances are wrapped up in one steamy book. Featuring filthy-mouthed, possessive bad boys, Happily Ever Afters and no cliffhangers.

Dive into the mafia series readers can't get enough of!

A taste of the first book in this collection:
I’m not always proud of the man I am, but when you grow up in a crime family, there aren’t a lot of options.
I do what I have to do, and more than often, I crave it.

Everything about her was tempting. Her beautiful eyes that pierced into me, her body that was made for sin.
She came to pay off a debt, but I wanted more.

She’s a good girl who never should have walked through that door.
I never should have touched her, but now that I have, I can’t stop.

I’ll push her boundaries, she’ll cave to temptation.
We’ll both forget about the danger.
And that’s a mistake I can’t afford…

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regular price: $4.99


regular price: $5.99


regular price: $4.99


Closer than Blood
by Abrianna Denae, N.J. Lysk, Elouise East, T.M. Chris, Claire Marta


UNMASKED: The Complete Series: Second Edition
(Unmasked #1-3)
by Cassia Leo


Hyland's Consort
(The Rage and Revenge Series2)
by Felicity Brandon 

Anthology, MM


DarkRomance, Suspense


Abuse, DarkRomance

Are you ready for 4 taboo stories about men who are Closer Than Blood?

It’s all about brotherly love, even if it’s His Brother’s Brat.

These are men for whom family and romance are Entwined.

And yet, who can resist When Fantasies Collide?

But remember that prepared; love can get messy and lead to Mutual Destruction.

Grab this anthology to dip into your taboo side!

* Mutual Destruction by Abrianna Denae and Claire Marta
* When Fantasies Collide by Elouise R. East
* Entwined by N.J. Lysk
* His Brother’s Brat by T.M. Chris


I was born into this world unwanted.

After being cast aside at birth, I spent the first eighteen years of my life sheltered from the harsh reality of my existence. But you can’t un-write a sad story if the ending is literally written all over your face.

So I moved out, and now I hide. I have a night job that pays the bills. Every night, I put on my mask and walk to work. Then one night, I hear and see something that will change my life forever: a murder that will bring him to me.

He says he wants to protect me. And through a series of events I can’t fully make sense of, I find myself believing him. But our nightly visits are always cloaked in darkness. I don’t know his face and he will never know mine.

I was born into this world unwanted. I will leave this world unmasked.


Ensnared by a Monster
Sean Hyland took me from the streets to be his bride.
Kept me until I craved him.
Now, he’s in control.
Just like he’s in charge of everything.
His uncle’s criminal empire, his men, and my life.
I have to escape, have to get back to The Syndicate, but if I’m not careful,
I might actually fall for him—may desire the matrimony he demands.

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