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Almost Lost
by Alice T. Boone


Blood Consort
(Blood Empires #1)
by D.S. Wrights 


The Degradation of Shelby Ann
(Twisted Love1)
by Emma Cole

DarkRomance, Crime


DarkDantasy, DarkRomance, Vampires


Dark, ReverseHarem, Abuse



You were my Forever— but then you left.

I spent my entire life trying to enforce the rules. Fairness was the only thing that mattered. I spent a decade playing the scales of justice. Nothing happened in this city without my permission, but your disappearance changed everything. I've abandoned my old life, and now, Montreal has fallen apart.

I have nothing left to give. You've taken it all.

But what other choice do I have?

I won't let you just walk away. I can't lose you again, Jo.



I made my choice 8 years ago. When you told me you needed a break, when I found out I was pregnant, I ran. No one in the world knows that my son is yours. I thought no one would ever know— until Connor showed back up.

He'll take my son, Marshall. And when he finds out I lied, he'll take my life.

I need your help, and I have nowhere else to go.


I am a Scarlet. They call me Rose.

Rose belongs to the "Reds." That's what the vampires call the humans who are born slaves in the Blood Empires.
Since Rose was made a Scarlet at the tender age of ten, she has known only one goal: to become the Blood Consort of vampire elder Augustus Aurelius, at whose court she is being trained. For not only does this position offer power, influence and the chance to become a vampire herself, but also the opportunity to see her mother again and meet her father.
But then the infamous Crimson Armand returns to his father's court, who, as a half-vampire, is not only one of the rarest of creatures, but proves to be Rose's greatest challenge.
For Rose is hell-bent on achieving her goal. Cost what it may and if it must be, even her heart.


He was dark and handsome; charming, older, and rich.

She was the young and pretty girl, infatuated with a suave man who didn't exist.

Leaving home and burning her bridges, Shelby Ann was cocooned in the gloss of high society— the devil in a suit at her side. But beyond acquiring the skill and poise to pull off being a trophy wife, she would discover that all is not as it seemed.

With the honeymoon over, the dirt and grime seeped through the loving facade to reveal the monsters that lie beneath.

Dark and depraved, this series will twist in ways you won't see coming to reveal an anti-hero in disguise, dirty deeds in plain sight, and shocking secrets that will leave you cringing inside.

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regular price: $4.99


regular price: $6.99


What I Would Do For You
(This Love Hurts #0.5-3)
by W. Winters


Behind the Mask
by Abbi Cook


Swallow it Down
by Addison Cain

DarkRomance, Bundle


DarkRomance, Crime, Captive


Dark, Postapocalyptic, Abuse

An epic tale of both betrayal and all-consuming love...
Marcus, the villain.
Cody Walsh, the FBI agent who knows too much.
And Delilah, the lawyer caught in between.

This is the complete This Love Hurts trilogy in one collection.


I’m a bad man. I never said I was anything else.

I shouldn’t want the beautiful brunette who lives in that suburban cul-de-sac, but one glance and I can’t think of anything else but taking her. The innocence in her dark eyes tells me she has no idea what life in my world is like.

But she’s going to find out.

I control everything around me, and that includes Kaia now. At first, she’ll beg for her freedom, but it won’t take long before she’s begging for something else.

Her world has changed. She’s mine now.


I’ve seen the way he looks at me.

The Captain. The unquestioned leader of this ship.

A ship I wish to be free of. A man I want to be as far away from as my legs might carry me.

The society he’s designed, the rules, the endless battle of wills...

Yes, I’ve seen the way he looks at me.

I’ve felt his fingertips brush my skin. Heard his laugh. Experienced his smile.

One that’s only for me, and only in secret.

And I know what he wants.

He told me himself that everyone has to pay; that all who survived the fall of civilization were culpable. That’s how he justifies the decisions he’s made, the necessary evils he allows to take place on this ship… all in the name of a greater good.

And it’s why I resist the starved way his gaze drinks me down. Why I can’t be had at any price.

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regular price: $0.99


(Book of Light & Shadows #1)
by April A. Luna


Violent Delights
(White Monarch #1)
by Jessica Hawkins


Wanted by the Alpha
(Knotted Omega #0.5)
by Laxmi Hariharan + Scarlette Brooke

DarkRomance, Paranormal


DarkRomance, Crime



Aden Clarkson, a member of the Grgul’ya Codex clan, doesn’t do relationships. He prefers a no strings, no commitment approach to dating—a prearranged, mutually gratifying association. A connection he both dominates and controls that is until the alluring scent of Sophia Mahoney crosses his path.

College student Sophia Mahoney’s life has been turned upside down. Her uncle is dead—murdered. The Doccioner clan wants the Book of Light and Shadows, and an elite Maalik assassin is after her.

Follow Sophia Mahoney as she steps between waking realities into the world she never knew existed. A world full of dark and white magic. A world where witches and gargoyles battle for a foothold. Sophia, born from both the light and darkness must make a choice. Which side will she chose . . . light or dark?


I was born a princess among criminals. An untouchable among thieves. Heiress to a life others have killed for, and one I'd do anything to escape. I vowed not to leave without Diego, my first love and best friend, but if his ruthless brother has his way, I won’t leave at all.

Cristiano de la Rosa is a man as big and bold as his legend. Once upon a time, he was our cartel’s best soldier . . . until he became my family’s worst enemy. And a man like Cristiano will bend fate to his will to get what he wants—even if it means tearing me from another's arms.

Because in the de la Rosa family, old grudges run deeper than loyalty, and betrayal is a three-letter word: war. But this feud isn’t between enemies—it’s between brothers. And I’m the prize.


She belongs to me...

Just a glimpse and I know she is MINE.

She isn't like any other omega I've ever met, I hadn’t anticipated this need for her.

I should have stayed away...

But there's a twisted, yearning, full of fear and anger inside me,

That insists that I claim her.

No one can stop me, from breaking her

From making her MINE...

No one... not even her.

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