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regular price: $2.99


regular price: $2.99


regular price: $2.99


(Club Oxygen, #8)
by Cole Denton 


(Calabresi Mafia Book 1)
by L.K. Ryan


Joaquin Fuertes
(The Fuertes Cartel # 3)
by Chiquita Dennie

DarkRomance, BDSM


Mafia, age-gap, arranged mafia, standalone


DarkRomance, Mafia

Nothing worthwhile is easily gained. You have to fight for what you want. Life is like a chessboard. It's all about strategy. And love is no different.

I'm fully prepared to play a long game with Andrew. No matter how far he runs or how many times I have to switch strategies, it's worth it. He's worth it. I will win his heart eventually.

Let the games begin ...


I made the worst mistake of my life.

He hated me before I even walked through the door. Savio Calabresi is a force to be reckoned with when we first meet. The Don of The Calabresi family liked things his way and didn’t want anyone to interrupt. Until I came along and shook up his world. Not only did my career cause a problem, but knowing a secret that could hurt him and his family only leaves one thing for him to do. He forced me into an arranged marriage, or I compromised the safety of my family.


No enemy could say they've made me fall.

I'd prepared myself to slow down and be a husband and father to my children now that our lives have blown up in public. Sofia is still working nonstop as an actress, singer, and traveling. I've tried not to let my frustrations show and spill over into my family or business, But deep down, I can feel she's pulling away more and more. Being the Boss of a Cartel doesn't mean anything to my wife because she fell in love with Joaquin and not the Don of the Fuertes Family.

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regular price: $3.99


regular price: $4.99


regular price: $4.99


The Dominator
(The Dominator #1)
by D.D. Prince


Victor: Her Ruthless Crush
(Ruthless Triad #1)
by Theodora Taylor


(Hell’s Bastards MC #2)
by Sam Crescent

DarkRomance, Abuse, Mafia, BDSM


DarkRomance, Interracial, NewAdult, Crime


DarkRomance, MC, Abuse

I've been ripped from my life & handed over to become property of Tommy Ferrano, a criminal who is beautiful outside but ugly inside.
He has 3 rules for me.
1) Obey.
2) Tell no one ANYTHING about him.

Rule 3 gives me a peek into just how depraved, alpha and possessive he really is.
My life is about to be twisted up in knots.
He will hurt me. Love me. Set my body on fire with passion. He will kill for me.



No last name. Totally mysterious. He doesn't talk. He's insanely hot. And now...I'm supposed to be spending every Thursday with him???

When my dad asked me to tutor the son of an important business associate, I thought I was agreeing to teach a little kid.

Victor's definitely not a kid. In fact, it's hard to believe we're even the same age. He's way more powerful than any boy I've ever met.

Also, way more intense. He stares at me in this weird way. It almost feels like obsession.

But there's no way he could be attracted to me like I'm attracted to him. I'm just an overweight nerd with secret dreams I've never dared to tell anyone.

Until him.

I tell him all of my secrets.

But will I be able to handle it when I find out all of his?


Just out of a bad marriage, Ava isn’t looking for love. She’s ready to live her own life in a new town, opening a bakery. She never expected to cross paths with Smokey, the dangerous president of the Hell’s Bastards MC.

Smokey wants the curvy blonde sitting alone at the bar, and he always gets what he wants. From the start, he explains it’s just sex, nothing else. Ava doesn’t expect more and promises herself she won’t fall in love with the bad biker, but Smokey gets under her skin. He can’t let her go, and now he thinks she works for his enemy. The pain of his punishment will stay with her forever.

When the truth comes out, Smokey knows he’s hurt the only woman he’s ever cared about. After he loses her, he has no choice but to win her back. Ava won’t give in, though. He hurt her, shattered her trust, and destroyed her heart.

How can he win what he broke?

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