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New Release

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A Story For Step-Mom
by Jaiyana Midwil

#DarkRomance #Taboo #LGBT

I cannot remember a time when I was not attracted to my step-mother. Of course, this is something no one knows, not even my best friends. I don't even write about it. The only reason I'm talking about it today, with you, is because I trust you very much, I love you very much, and you already know all about it. 

A romance and erotic story, only for adults!

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99ct Bargain

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Fight Me, Daddy
(Dangerous Daddy #1)
by Zoe Blake

#BDSM #DarkRomance

Amazon Reviews
"Hot Hot Hot! Daddy, come to Mama!" Miss Betty
"Definitely not for everyone." RatherBeReading

"Soooo good, so dark, so wrong" Texas Reader


No one screwed with him...ever.
Logan had a fierce reputation. 
He was cruel, calculating and very dangerous. 
Above all, he got the job done - by any means necessary. 

When he is hired to retrieve information from a young woman who has fled to an isolated cabin, he decides to amuse himself with the powerless female.
He'll make her submit to his every depraved desire. 
Subjecting her to pain and punishment, he won't relent, not even when she submits and calls him Daddy.
She can beg and plead her innocence all she wants, but he won't stop.
And if his little plaything decides to fight him?
Even better.

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regular price: $2.99



The Beasts Within
(The Beast and Me #6)
by D.S. Wrights

#DarkRomance #Paranormal

Amazon Reviews
"Learning about Jay and Daniel in captivity" Christine
"More questions but still hope...." BlueEyes

"Can't wait for the last book!"


With Jay slowly regaining his memories, he decides to secretly help Daniel fight through the procedure all the other beasts went through to get their memories erased. But Peter has other plans, which put both Jay and Dan in imminent danger.
Still, they have to try their best to keep up the facade, while feelings of guilt, jealousy, and silent reproach, as well as Peter's efforts to learn about Meghan's whereabouts, take a physical and psychological toll on both men, as they fight for their life and their identity.

Publisher's note: This diary is written by Jay and Daniel. Meg only takes part passively!

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