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New Release

regular price: $2.99



Torn Apart
A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Dark Romance
by Ivy Chapman

#Dark #Paranormal #Omegaverse

They thought they were safe. They were wrong. 

Omegas no longer have rights. They’re considered property. Exploited for their heat and sold to the highest bidder. 

For twin omegas, Seraphine and Arden, discovery means suffering at the hands of alphas. They assumed they were safe. They were unprepared for the horror that found them. Torn from their home, the twins are separated for the first time in their lives. 

Can they survive the hell at their captors’ hands long enough to find one another? 

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99ct Bargain

regular price: $3.99


The Beast In Us
(The Beast and Me #3)
by D.S. Wrights

#BDSM #DarkRomance

Amazon Reviews
"Red Phoenix never fails to bring on the feels as well as the heat!" Ceej of Ceej's Life Reads
"The best book from the hand of Red Phoenix yet!" 
Kat Ryker
"Elegant Dominant" Mel M


Thane Davis sacrificed everything to become the man he is today by staying true to three hard rules:
1. Make no friends.
2. Leave no trace.
3. Avoid the past.

He is a confident alpha who demands respect, yet keeps to himself.

But that changes the night Rytsar Durov invites him to a secret, underground club and introduces him to the world of Dominance and submission.

He soon finds his calling pleasing women who long to test the boundaries between pain and pleasure.

In the process, Thane comes to discover there are some things worth the risk, some people worth sacrificing for, and some problems you can't outrun.

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regular price: $3.99



(Captive to the Dark #1)
by Alaska Angelini

#Dark #BDSM #ABuse

Amazon Reviews
"Two Dark Twisted Souls" Pumpkinbaby1974

"Kept me on my toes" A.L. Wood

"Dark, erotic and so good!"
Kindle Customer

MARY is the perfect tool to use against the man who took his sister, Lily. What better way to exact retribution from Governor Hagen and force him to bring Lily back, than to steal his own daughter and threaten to sell her as a sex slave, too? But, even the best laid plans don’t always go smoothly. Slade ends up falling for his captive, and is faced with a decision that might just cause him to lose the one thing he doesn’t want to let go.

SLADE is every bit the animal he portrays. Dominant, dark, unbending, and possessive—her own personal predator. Mary can’t help but be drawn to the soul deep darkness in him. It calls to her like nothing she’s ever felt before. 

When her father bends to Slade’s will and releases Lily, will Mary be allowed to walk away and follow her father's plans to marry another, or will Slade make her a captive to the dark…forever? 

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