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New Release

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(Dahlia Saga Book 1)
by Natalie Bennett

#EroticHorror Dark

There are a million stories about naïve girls being taken by beautiful monsters. 

In some of them, the monster is a tortured soul with a damaged past, but even then, that monster is redeemable. 

This is not one of those stories. 

My monster is a villain with no redemption, one that revels in the malice he inflicts. 

My reality is dark. 
His demons are darker. 

And though I love my monster with every beat of my morbid heart, this is no fairy-tale. 
For me, there is no happily ever after. 

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99ct Bargain

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Salt Kissed Love
(a Tomb of Ashen Tears Book 1)
by Kailee Reese Samuels

#DarkRomance #BDSM

I am Lucas Salvatore Raniero. 
Prince of a demented Mafioso. 
Golden boy of twisted Mistress. 
Black ops agent fighting a horrific underworld. 
Protecting a girl, I have been hired to guard. 

I want to own her. 
There is only one problem— 
She took a contract with my mentor. My best friend. 
I put her in his care for safekeeping. 
In the past, she had been a bad, bad girl doing very naughty things. 
And now, the men in the darkness want her dead. 

I need to make her mine. 
There is only one problem— 
She has other plans. 
And now, it is my job to change them. 

In the fetish world, nothing is as it seems in the middle of a sleepy little town in Texas. The Juliet academy lies on the outskirts, keeping the hustle and bustle alive and saving Sugargrove from extinction. The carnival of carnal feasts beckons as the house of mirrors threatens to collapse, shattering everything they once knew to the ground. 

Your invitation to escape awaits… 

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regular price: $2.99



Absolute Power
(Alpha’s Control 0.5)
by Addison Cain

#Dark #Paranormal #DarkRomance

Brenya was torn from her service in Beta Sector and reassigned to serve the Commodore of Bernard Dome’s aggressive physical needs. Out of her depth and confused, she flounders under his untried care. The leader of their Dome is as demanding as he is sweet. He is beautiful, and he is treacherous.

And he has sworn never to let her go.

From the internationally bestselling author of the Alpha’s Claim series, Addison Cain brings you Alpha’s Control. Alongside the Commodore and Brenya, Shepherd and Claire’s story continues under new Domes rife with intrigue and danger. Absolute Power is a 13,000 word prelude to Stolen: Alpha’s Control Book One.

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