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Chasing the White Rabbit
by Felicity Brandon


Dangerous Deviance
A Dark Mafia Romance
by Audrey Rush


Slow Burn
(Assassins #1)
by Jove Chambers

DarkRomance, Mafia, FairytaleRetelling


DarkRomance, Mafia


DarkRomance, NewAdult, SciFi

I’m savage, suave and calculating,
And so is the organization I work for.
Poor Alice doesn’t stand a chance.
Since she tumbled into our dark world,
I’ll take her, play with her—devour her.
But once she’s had a taste of my madness,
Will there be any coming back?

From USA Today bestselling author, Felicity Brandon, comes a dark mafia romance series.
Hold tight, and let this fast-paced, stand alone novella leave you breathless.


Her fate is in my hands.

Ellie showed up on our family’s property vulnerable, alone, and without any memories.

Trespassing in mafia territory should have resulted in her death. But on my birthday, she became my gift—to use, to mold, to break. She owes me her life. Until the day she dies, she is mine.

As her secrets unraveled, it became clear that one of our enemies sent her. I should have killed her right then and there. But Ellie was a mystery, and like a moth to a flame, she lured me in.

Then she learned who I truly was.

We couldn’t resist the urge to destroy each other. And I knew it would ruin us.

For what could be more reckless than falling for a dangerous woman?


Beautiful Disaster meets Nikita.

Leigh Thorn is hiding out in a backwoods college because her father put her in danger, and if the wrong people find her, she’s dead. She’d rather snort lines than think about that. She’d rather do shots of marshmallow-flavored vodka until she can’t remember.

When Griffin Fawkes arrives with the news that her father’s dead, she isn’t sure if she cares. He wasn’t much of a father anyway. The only silver lining here is that Griffin’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and Leigh wants him bad.

Griffin owes his life to Leigh's father. The man begged him to keep his daughter safe. But Griffin didn't expect a cocaine-fueled party girl who barely seems to care about her own safety. It seems like she'd rather destroy herself than anything else.

Even worse, he didn't expect he'd care about her. He knows he's too damaged to ever really be with a woman. The best he can do is to make sure she’s safe from whoever could hurt her. Including herself. Including himself.

Of course, fighting off men with guns is starting to seem easier than keeping his hands off Leigh.

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