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regular price: $4.99


regular price: $4.99


regular price: $3.99


Dangerous Temptation
(Dark Dream Duet #1)
by Giana Darling


King of Corium
(Corium University Trilogy #1)
by C. Hallman & J.L. Beck


 Dirty Stack
(The Devious Games Duet #2)
by D.D. Prince

DarkRomance, Abus, BDSM


DarkRomance, NewAdult



He arrives all dressed in black. Diamond cufflinks. A watch on his tanned wrist that cost more than we would ever see in a lifetime of work. He carries a single red rose for my mother.

Months later, Tiernan Morelli lays red roses on my mother’s grave. That same day, he tells me that he is my new guardian.

I should have known from the very start that he had more in common with the thorns than the rose. Now I know the truth: I’m a pawn in his dangerous game of revenge. I was too young and naive. Now it's too late to save myself from his clutches.

Now I belong to him.


She came here for protection, but that’s the last thing she's going to find.

Welcome to Corium University, where the most dangerous criminals in the world send their offspring. Assassins, mafia leaders, arms dealers and art thieves.

You name it, this college houses them.

Here nothing can touch them.

Upon arriving I knew Aspen would be here, she was the daughter of our enemy, a snake in the grass like her father. I had no intention of sparring with her. That is until she opened her pretty little mouth. One sentence and she became my next target, and a woman that I would do anything to see on her knees at my feet.

If she thought the university was the only nightmare she would have to face, she was wrong.

I was the king, and this was my kingdom.


Killian saved me from the hell of life with Ray.
But have I been pulled from the frying pan only to be tossed straight into the flames?

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regular price: $4.99


regular price: $3.99


regular price: $9.99


A Touch of Dark
(Painted Sin #1)
by Lana Sky


The Demonology Series
by Felicity Brandon 


The Raven Queen's Harem
(The Raven Queen's Harem #1-6)
by Angel Lawson



DarkRomance, Stalker
US/UK only


ReverseHarem, DarkFantasy, Bundle

Hunted by a murderer who has terrorized her since childhood, Juliana Thorne is forced to seek protection from a powerful enemy.

But Damien Villa is a far cry from an ideal savior.

The mysterious billionaire harbors his own sinister plans for revenge, and if Juliana isn’t careful, she may just find herself playing right into his hands.


Healing was my obsession... until *she* walked into my classroom.

Charlotte Ash is bright, young, traumatized, and my newest Art Therapy student.

I’ve taught many people how to conquer their demons through art. But Charlotte’s demons threaten to consume us both.

From the moment we lock eyes, I can't stop watching her, can’t get her out of my head. She haunts my dreams and awakens my most depraved desires.

I'm addicted to her darkness. I crave her pain.

And I want her in the worst way.

I know I'm a monster, but I can't bear to stay in the shadows anymore.

I need her by my side. Forever.

But what if my sweet Charlotte can't give me all I demand?

What if, instead of healing her, I leave her broken... just like me?


I never thought I'd move to New York.

I certainly never expected to live in a mansion, rent free, with five super hot roommates.

But none of those things surprised me as much as discovering the truth about my destiny, the revelation of the ancient power flowing through my veins and how it changes my life.

I am the Raven Queen.

Come meet my harem.

This is the complete Raven Queen's Harem series all in ONE bundle! No wait! It's all here! Dive in today!

Raven's Mark
Ebony Rising
Black Magic
Obsidian Fire
Onyx Eclipse
Midnight's End

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regular price: $3.99


regular price: $4.99


Dominant Desire
(Decadent Sins 2)
by Linzi Basset 


All. Only.
by Scarlett Finn

DarkRimance, Mafia


DarkRomance, BDSM

Some say I am a charmer.
They aren’t wrong.
Some say I am a demon.
They aren’t wrong.

As an ex professional football player, and now the new owner of the Seattle Sharks, Matteo Caruso stood at a crossroads. Living a double life as a sportstar as well as being the advisor to the Boss of The Mafia Commission, had been easy to juggle. Managing an all stars club however, brought new challenges. He wasn’t fazed since he loved living on the edge. All he needed to do was make a couple of adjustments. Easier said than done!

Jamaica Hunter, daughter of the previous owner of the Seattle Sharks, was fast becoming a headache he could do well without, since she refused to accept the loss of her position as the President of the club.

Until he realized the sassy Cleopatra that had sparked his interest at a masked ball at Decadent Sins, was none other than the irritating chit. True to his Dominant Desires, Master Hercules taught her a lesson in submission that changed her entire view of the irritating football player.

Now, he had her in the palm of his hand and tightened the ropes with every meeting … except he hadn’t banked on her getting under his skin!

The interference of a local drug cartel in family business put a strain on their tremulous relationship while Matteo’s ability to keep her safe was viciously put to the test.


Jobless and homeless, Shyla Bellamy needs a miracle.

Trouble is, she doesn’t make the best first impression. With no work history and no education beyond her high school diploma, she’s not exactly a catch.
While failing to impress her interviewer for a position that could solve all her problems, Shyla gets a break. The boss decides to take a chance on her. Why? She has no idea.
Just grateful to have her miracle, she throws herself into her new life… maybe with a little too much enthusiasm.
By the time she learns who she’s working for, there’s no going back. Turns out, the man who took a chance on her is the estranged son of the country’s biggest crime boss. Why is he estranged? Because his own brother set him up for murder.
Score McDade walked away from his life, from his past, from his family. But a man used to being in charge, being feared, can’t walk away from who he is. As his orders become more personal, more intimate, Shyla has to decide if she’s ready to take on some extracurricular responsibilities.

Should she refuse Score’s orders or give herself over to his command?

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